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New Mexico State University
College of Engineering

We choose NMSU College of Engineering because...

David Durgin, President and CEO, Verge, BSEE 1967

David Durgin

President and CEO, Verge
BSEE 1967

“When I decided to pursue a degree in engineering, my colleagues at Sandia National Labs recommended NMSU College of Engineering. They regarded it as the top engineering school in the state and definitely one of the top in the region. I took a leave of absence from my job, completed my undergraduate degree and also initiated graduate courses.”

Marzyeh Ghassemi, Electrical Engineering Major, BSEE 2005

Marzyeh Ghassemi

Electrical Engineering major
BSEE 2005

I chose to attend NMSU because the eningeering coursework is first rate, the faculty are friendly and knowledgable, and I felt truly welcomed by the Engineering school. Unlike larger schools, NMSU preserves the faculty interaction at the undergraduate level while encouraging excellence in Engineering. NMSU is the choice for an Engineer that has high aspirations and a drive to succeed.

Felicia Guerrero, Mechanical Engineering major, BSME 2006

Felicia Guerrero

Mechanical Engineering major
BSME 2006

"No where else can I get an ABET Engineering Education for such a good deal. On top of that, the College of Engineering provides me with so many tools to get through college. Like undergraduate research, scholarships, and financial assistance. It's great! And everyone here is so friendly! Eveyone here is willing to help you!"

Chris Hickman, Executive Vice President of Business Solutions and Regulatory Affairs, Cellnet, BSEE 1994, MSEE 1995

Chris Hickman

Executive Vice President of Business Solutions and Regulatory Affairs, Cellnet
BSEE 1994
MSEE 1995

Having had the unique opportunity to visit a large majority of college campuses across the nation, I can't say enough about the wonderful campus that has been created at NMSU. It is the most student friendly campus backed up with an elite core of professors that are there to teach and help students learn. The advantages of NMSU are countless and I'm proud of the continuing tradition of excellence.

Jennifer Lankford, Chemical Engineering major, BSChe 2009

Jennifer Lankford

Chemical Engineering major
BSChe 2009

I chose the NMSU Engineering Department because I have heard so many good things about it from other engineering students, and because it has been ranked numerous times among the top engineering programs in the nation. In the Engineering College, I have found everyone to be quite friendly and helpful - faculty, staff, and students. I feel that all of the instructors are well qualified, and beyond teaching, everyone is involved with other research projects, furthering their abilities to teach engineering students every day. I have not been turned away yet when asking a faculty member of the engineering college for help or advice, and am very excited to be part of the NMSU Engineering College myself.

Patricia Lopez, Imaging Scientist, Colorado Digital Imaging, Hewlett-Packard Co., Hewlett Packard Camp Manager for New Mexico State Univeristiy, BSEE 1980, MSEE 1982, PhDCS 1989

Patricia Lopez

Imaging Scientist, Colorado Digital Imaging, Hewlett-Packard Co.
Hewlett Packard Camp Manager for New Mexico State
BSCS in 1980
MSCS 1982
PhDCS 1989

NMSU was a such great place for me to be as a student, and many of my warmest memories came from my years at NMSU. I look forward to every visit to campus as the NMSU Campus Manager for Hewlett Packard. The students are talented, hardworking, and motivated.

Jeff Nelson, Engineering Technology major, BSET 2006

Jeff Nelson

Engineering Technology major
BSET 2006

I feel that College of Engineering has provided me with enough theoretical and hands-on knowledge to succeed in the real world. Some of the classes can be challenging, but I haven't met a professor that wouldn't go out of his or her way to help a student. "

Danny Sachs, Engineering Technology, BSET 1982

Danny Sachs

President & General Manager, Team Specialty Products

Engineering Technology major
BSET 1982

My educational experience at NMSU gave my brother Bob (BS Bus. Adm. 1983 and BSET 1982) and I the sound technical base and a strong applications foundation to help us succeed in our careers. We own and operate Team Specialty Products an Albuquerque based engineering and manufacturing company. TSP is widely recognized by its customers for providing specialty mechanical and electrical engineering R&D and manufacturing as well as other technical services. As boys growing up in Belen we had a dream of running a technology based company in New Mexico. After earning our degrees in Engineering Technology at NMSU we worked in industry and pursued other educational opportunities before getting into business for ourselves.

Matthew Serna, Engineering Technology-Mechanical Engineering major, BSET 2006

Matthew Serna

Engineering Technology-Mechanical Engineering major
BSET 2006

"The college of engineering at NMSU provides me with a quality education, unsurpassed laboratory facilities, and a great faculty which allow me to succeed and further develop in today's fast-paced world and demanding job market."

Paul Short, Entrepreneur in Residence, Verge, BSEE 1982, MSEE 1984

Paul Short

Entrepreneur in Residence, Verge
BSEE 1982
MSEE 1984

“I grew up in Las Cruces , attended Mayfield High School and attended NMSU as Senior in High School. NMSU has an excellent engineering school and it was affordable. The education I received at NMSU is comparable or better than many of the top engineering schools in the country. Attending NMSU is also a family tradition, as five out of six of my siblings attended NMSU.”

Art Trujillo, Manager, Computer Information Systems, MNSU ICT Database Administration, BSET 1987

Art Trujillo

Manager, Computer Information Systems, NMSU ICT Database Administration
BSET 1987

"I like the quality and variety of engineering programs available. Being a native Las Crucen, I frequently visited and was impressed by the campus and the facilities."

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